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push for the white house. governor mitt romney is chris crossing with stops new hampshire and colol and ohio. and president obama also has stops planned in wisconsin and virginia still to go. we have live team coverage over the next two hours and chief white house correspondant edhenry. first governor romney will end his day. >> good afternoon. there is talk on the campaign trail about something that president obama said yesterday when he was in ohio. he does this and said something about governor romney and the audience said don't boo but vote. he talked about senate cand date governor romney was opposed to clinton tax increases. listen to where he took that yesterday. at the time the republican congress and a senate candidate by the name of romney. no, no, no. don't boo vote. vote. vote is the best revenge. voting is the best revenge. that is not a thing for the president to say. romney campaign has a new adout that looks as a strange thing for the president to say and an odd reason to vote. mitt romney worked that in new hampshire speech. >> yesterday, the president said somethin
and virginia, governor mitt romney will be hitting three, new hampshire, iowa and ohio. and hour number two of america's news headquarters starts right now. in washington, and the second hour of america's news headquarters starts at this moment. and topping our news off right now, we're going to talk to you about the live election team coverage that we have in play with three battle ground states. ohio, virginia, and florida. steve brown is live in mansfield, ohio, peter doocy live in fairfax, virginia, and steve harrigan, tampa, florida. and steve brown in ohio, a state that many say is a must-win for either candidate. steve. >> reporter: hey there, uma, yeah, basically two, you can break ohio down into two contests, a contest that's leading up to election day and that's the early vote and there's the contest that goes on on election day and the regular voting and the early vote is the contest that's going on right now. and we're in the final hour of early voting here on saturday, it ran into 8 until 2, or runs from 8 until 2 here, and this is a very important portion of the equation, for
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, i take just as many votes away from obama as romney that. has been checked out. it would have been great to have been labeled a spoiler because you go from being an annoyance -- speaking from the libertarian party from an annoyance, to a spoiler to a player. yoke we have been declared a spoiler for tuesday night. like i said, in colorado, i took more votes away from obama. and he did end up winning the state. i wish we would have been a spoiler, but we weren't. >> all right. will you run again? what is your most important, key policy that you want to communicate to folks? >> well, just the balanced notion of fiscal conservatives and social acceptance. mitt romney -- i don't think he really energized people in dollars and cents. when it came to social agenda, i think it scares people, you know, as negative as he spoke regarding immigration, gay rights and women's rights -- look, i think it -- i think it ended up to be a real negative at the end of the day. if the republicans can disassociate themselves from the social issues and that is to say, a person with social issues isn't a go
executives to contribute millions if not tens of millions to governor romney's campaign. some are asking if wall street can get along and mend fences with president obama. joining us is brenda buttner anchor of fox's "bulls and bears." after being demonized by spending money. >> a lot of it. >> now that it is all over. in the words of rod can i king can we all get along? >> the financial services spent $61 --61 million on romney's campaign. but we really saw what wall street thought after the election when the stock market had the worst day of the year. you could see that was definitely election related. you saw investment banks get very hard hit because there will probably be a lot more regulation. you saw that utilities went down and hospitals and insurers would benefit from obamacare and managed health companies go down. wall street said we don't like this. we're seeing a lot of lobbyists come out with more conciliatory language. there is hope there can be a compromise. because in the fiscal cliff comes on january 1. >> i think the cbo was saying 9.1% unemployment and it could be cata
a broken and dysfunctional middle east in which we're stuck and his problem. and had mitt romney become president as well, middle east is divided into migraines on one hand and root canal operations on the other. there are not a lot of opportunities for solutions. >> gregg: pick your poison. you are right. let's talk specifics. let's talk about iran first. you believe that the president should explore and exhaust diplomacy before you are taking military action. you are very specific. let's put this on the screen. you write this, start with an interim arrange. that deals with the issue of enrichment and forestalls resign to acquire highly enriched uranium to construct a nuke. how can you convinces them to do that? >> the problem is once a society gets to enrich uranium and a assemble a nuclear weapon. how do you forestall it? you can't bomb it out of existence. unless you can change the regime it would be nice. i don't see a way to do that. to explore, i'll use mitt romney as a reference point. had he become president he would have also exhausted every possibility to see whether or not t
romney win, he was not exactly right on that one, gregg. >> gregg: that's true. >> so, most polling is going to show that americans are in favor of the bush tax cuts. >> gregg: trei, two-thirds of those, and want tax hikes and spending cuts to reduce the deficit. and one fourth want spending cuts only. 68%. there are the numbers on your screen. doesn't that number, 68%, mean that it's politically perilous for your party, republicans, to oppose raising taxes on the top 2 or 3%? >> well, no, they -- it's got to be part of the equation and i think that speaker boehner made that clear, but gregg, let me first start by saying i happen to care very much about the 43% inpoll, but it doesn't erase -- it doesn't erase the fact that a majority of them do not pay taxes and it also doesn't erase the fact that most people support tax increases on other people as opposed to themselves, but i think the american people are a little tired of polls. the election is over, talking points should be over, and it requires compromise to solve problems in this town, something that's been lacking for years.
, governor romney, got to the right of newt gingrich and to the right of governor perry on immigration because he didn't want to consider reasonable approaches and the earned legalization and dealing with 12 million people who are here right now, putting those people on a path to citizenship, people who haven't violated, haven't committed a felly who have had jobs and family here, that's what you have to address first and then you can address the other little pieces, but you've got to do this in a one package, and there was a republican senator, senator simpson from wyoming, as you may recall, was the lead senator on this, when we passed comprehensive immigration reform, since the 1980's, and you can pass a complicated bill. you can't pass immigration piece by piece, it just doesn't happen. >> rick: go ahead, brad. >> i happen to think it's a good start the republicans understand there's a need and we have a problem. we right now have over 50,000 visas away when they want to come here and should give away 50,000 visas for people america need here. a difference between wanting to come h
and frankly, i thought mitt romney was the model of dignity and grace on tuesday night and set a tone. i think it's unfortunate. i mean, at the end of the day, the miracle of democracy is that even when you lose, and even when you lose by just a little, you accept it and we move forward. i think richard nixon proved that back in 1960. >> rick: you lose with grace and hopefully you win with humility. did you see that from the president? >> well, the president said in advance -- i know i could win and i know i could lose. i think the president won with a recognition that, look, this wasn't 2008. he doesn't have a democratic congress. if he's going to get anything done at all in the next four years, he's going to have to find a way to work with republicans and frankly, house republicans are going to have to find a way to work with him. >> rick: i asked folks on twitter and facebook to tell me what their sort of take aways were from the election, what lessons need to be learned or should be learned. a couple things, i'd love for you to respond. these are conservatives who answered my question. but
in latino turnout. >> mitt romney received only 27% of the latino vote. the worst g.o.p. showing prompting some a sense of urgency. >> it's only a time where i can't win an election without the latino vote. i think conservatives are paying attention. >> congressional sources know that the executive action was only a temporary solution so a permanent fix is needed. they say the undocumented young people don't have a legal claim, there is a humanitarian issue to be addressed. >> gregg: we are just getting started. lots to tell you about today. we're following the escalating violence out of middle east where israel and hamas continues to exchange blows. jewish state is calling up thousands of reserves in a possible ground invasion. how likely is that and how much further could this conflict escalate? >> heather: new concerns about airport security. you may not be as safe as you think when you board a plane. >>. >> gregg: we do have a update on a deadly train accident in texas that killed four war veterans. >> we bring them here where the community comes together to celebrate the heroic action
was encouraging is to see increase in latino turn-out. >> romney received 27% of the latino vote. the worst g.o.p. showing. >> it's only a matter of time that you can't win an election without hispanic vote. i see good signs that the con seventives are paying attention and they need to speak to the hispanic community. >> congressional sources say it's a temp rare solution. there is a humanitarian issue to be addressed. in washington, mike emanuel fox news. >> shannon: israel widens the defenses and expands targets as it enters day five in battle against the militants in gaza strip. short time ago, the gaza medical officials say israeli missile flattened a house in residential neighborhood killing 11 civilians including several children. international community brokering a cease-fire after concern growth that israel and hamas are closing in on an all-out war. we begin hour number two of the american headquarters with israeli ambassador. thank you for coming in today. >> good to be with you. >> shannon: how do you respond to concerns raised on both sides of the issue, where this is happening is
it on there for positioning. but there is a problem there. the american people have had this debate. mitt romney maid the case that obamacare should be repealed and said it would be the first act. he made that case forcefully, in debates, ads, throughout the campaign. 40% of america greed with him. the mairment said, we agree with president obama. i think there may be some wiggle room, but the leadership's happening, it will get there. i understand why speaker boehner would have to do this. but as a serious maneuver, it doesn't seem to be a step in the right direction. >> i think what you have here is two fundamental, different degrees of thought on where we go. first, you know, republicans believe that the key to economic growth, of course, is to encourage incentives in the private sector. democrats believe that the government invests in and creates jobs. that's what they believe the government should do. even if you raise taxes on upper-income earners, bottom line is, how does that get us to reducing the deficit? and is that enough money to, you know, prohibit us from reaching the fiscal cliff? no! again, i
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)